Martindale Pharma’s strategy is to build leading positions in defined business segments where there is a high unmet medical need and a demand for improved product presentations; Opioid Addiction, Emergency Care, Hospital-initiated Medicines, Ophthalmics and Unlicensed Medicines.

Our plans for growth are based around four principles:

Building on an exceptionally strong UK commercial organisation

Ranked in the top 5 UK pharmaceutical companies by IMS Health on sales*, we have a proven capability in launching and growing new medicines initiated by specialist physicians. We are developing new products in-house to follow the success of Tapclob and Noyada and we are continuing to in-license innovative products like Tegultik.


We are building a truly international presence. In the Middle East, we are focused on the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) territory, a market of 48 million people with a forecast high growth in healthcare spend.  We have established a Scientific Office in Saudi Arabia and already obtained regulatory approvals for some key products with more approvals expected in 2016. This will enable us to sell our high quality products to all sectors of the market.  We are also adding depth to our distribution partnerships in Africa and Asia moving from purely supplying on tenders to creating demand at hospital level in several markets.

Manufacturing Excellence

We have invested and upgraded our in-house facilities to increase capacity, shorten lead times and support the flexibility needed for international markets to manufacture sterile injectables and oral liquid products. We choose molecules with established need and where the quality of a UK product is recognised and in demand. By early 2017 we will introduce more products from a new production line focused on a high value, sterile dosage form for Emergency Care products.

Maximising our portfolio

We invest in developing products in-house, adding line extensions to maximise the market opportunities and also developing new products based on known drugs where there is a commercial opportunity when presented in the dosage forms which we specialise in manufacturing.

* This excludes multi-national pharmaceutical companies