Martindale Pharma manufactures high quality medicines efficiently, enabling it to compete effectively all around the world

Since 2010, Martindale Pharma has invested over £9 million in upgrading and extending its UK pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Our Romford facility consists over 6700m2 of high-quality, modern pharmaceutical plant where we mix, fill, sterilise, inspect, pack and label a wide range of essential medicines.

Our capacity for sterile ampoules has increased from 20 million to 70 million per year to meet growth opportunities in UK and international markets.

Improvements to in-house manufacturing means short production times and allows flexible and responsive scheduling which enables us to compete on tenders across the world.

We currently manufacture approx. 33 million sterile ampoules and 2.8 million bottles of oral solutions per year and are a respected and trusted manufacturer with appropriate regulatory approvals to supply products from our UK facility to the EU, Saudi Arabia and Australia and other countries.

We supply our medicines to a wide range of health care systems, notably the UK where we have over 100 different products on contract to supply the UK NHS, plus Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Singapore and New Zealand. We also supply major non-governmental organisations such as Medicins Sans Frontieres.

We have a dedicated in-house 400m2 pharmacy manufacturing unit for unlicensed medicines (“specials”). We adopt a Good Manufacturing Practice approach to these products with batch manufacture and supply detailed technical information. We also have the ability to make individual one-off bespoke products. Visit for more information.