Sales & Marketing

Strong UK presence with expertise in marketing hospital and specialty medicines

We are recognised as a strategic partner to the NHS – at least one of our products is supplied every single day to every hospital in the UK. We work with NHS manufacturing units and with the Commercial Medicines Unit of the NHS to help meet supply shortages and to develop and manufacture our medicines.

We sell over 120 different prescription medicines including a comprehensive range of life-saving medicines in the area of cardiac arrest, overdose and poisoning.

We have forged, and continue to extend, deep alliances with key healthcare providers and commissioners in drug addiction treatment, working with organisations like CRI, Addaction and Turning Point.

We have an enviable track record of successful launches of new products and are a proven partner for international companies looking to launch products in the UK.

We have a highly skilled sales and marketing group with deep experience in working with healthcare providers across the NHS.

Rapidly growing international business focused on countries with increasing healthcare spend.

One of our key growth areas is the Middle East. We have established a dedicated Scientific Office in Saudi Arabia which has already secured regulatory approval for six products in this important market for our medicines. Alongside this, we have a strategic partnership with the El Seif group including dedicated sales teams promoting our products to both public and private markets. A sales office in Dubai services the rest of the Gulf Co-Operation Council markets.

Given our history and pedigree in medicines supply, Martindale Pharma has built a channel to provide our essential medicines in over 20 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In the last 12 months we have been awarded significant new contracts to supply essential life-saving medicines in Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia.

We have dedicated sales and market support teams in Africa and the GCC to work alongside our local partners and grow our business.

International sales are growing at c.30% per annum and now account for c. 20% of revenues.