Manufacturing Capabilities

We produce our in-house manufactured products within one of our MHRA approved sites in Essex, UK.


With 6,690 square meters of working area and 220 site based employees, this is our principle site of manufacture.

The site specialises in the production of sterile ampoules, sterile screw cap bottles, non-sterile liquids, non-sterile suspensions and suppositories.

As well as the required facilities and team to produce the dosage forms listed above the Procurement, Product Development, Regulatory, Quality Control teams and part of the Quality Assurance team are based here.


Having 5,500 square meters of working area; the site is home to our multi purpose specials manufacturing facility and the aseptic compounding area.

Using the company’s proud heritage and expertise in the Specials arena the site produces small scale capsules, suppositories, non-sterile liquids, non-sterile suspensions, creams and ointments.

The site also contains our finished stock warehouse from which our products are despatched to customers in the UK and abroad.

120 people work across Manufacturing, Warehousing and Customer Services teams. The specialised Quality Assurance Pharmacists team are also based here.

Between the two sites we have the facilities and the team to provide healthcare professionals, and our partners, with a unique range of products and services.

The company’s headquarters is home to the UK & International Commercial teams, Finance, HR and IT and is within 50 meters of our Brentwood facility.

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We commit to a 24-hour turnaround on the majority of our specials product range