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Martindale Pharma Enters the Wound Care Market

Brentwood, Essex and Harrogate, North Yorkshire, 12 November 2012: Martindale Pharma, leaders in the manufacture and supply of specialty pharmaceuticals announces today it has made the strategic decision to enter the wound care market.  The first product in Martindale Pharma’s new wound care range is Drawtex, a novel hydroconductive wound dressing based on patented LevaFiber Technology. Drawtex applies advanced materials technology which rapidly and effectively lifts, holds and transfers exudate and necrotic tissue away from the wound, shortening the time to create a healthy wound bed. Drawtex will be of benefit to the management of moderate to heavily exudating chronic wounds including diabetic foot ulcers or chronic venous leg ulcers.  Drawtex was launched today at the UK’s leading wound care conference, Wounds UK, in Harrogate.

Currently marketed modern wound care dressings have been criticised due to their poor absorption of exudate, bacteria and toxins, shape loss and the frequent need for changing as they saturate this can lead to disturbing of the wound bed and slowing of the healing process.  Drawtex’s LevaFiber Technology combines absorbent, cross-action structures that enable Drawtex to draw large volumes of exudate and other debris, including biofilm nutrients, from the wound and through the dressing. Unlike current dressings Drawtex can lift, hold and transfer exudate both horizontally and vertically into the body of the dressing, where it can hold up to 5 times the weight of the dressing.

The wound care market represents a strong and growing market, with the modern dressing market worth £150 million in the UK in 2011. Martindale Pharma intends to build a broad and diverse product portfolio in the wound care space, addressing the needs of wound care professionals and clinicians with innovative new products.

Sue Johnson, Lead Nurse Wound Care, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commented, “We found Drawtex was able to ‘kick start’ static wounds.  It is an easy to use, safe and effective dressing.”

Richard de Souza, Chief Executive Officer of Martindale Pharma commented, “We are very excited to be entering the wound care market.  Our expertise and heritage in the manufacture and supply of high quality, innovative medicines combined with our understanding of the needs and challenges facing clinicians today, makes Martindale Pharma the ideal partner to provide high quality wound care products.

“Drawtex, our first product, is a symbol of our commitment to provide high quality products for patients. This novel dressing has significant advantages over commonly used dressings and will make a real difference to both wound care professionals and patients. We look forward to announcing further new products in our wound care range early next year.”

Martindale Pharma’s new wound care offering and novel product Drawtex will be showcased at the Wounds UK conference, Stand 62 from 12-14 November in Harrogate.

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