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Martindale Pharma® launches improved formulation of Physeptone Mixture 1mg/ml and Methadone Mixture DTF 1mg/ml

Brentwood, 6 November 2012: Martindale Pharma, leaders in the manufacture and supply of specialty pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce the introduction of a new alcohol and chloroform free formulation of Physeptone Mixture 1mg/ml and Methadone Mixture DTF 1mg/ml.  The current formulation will no longer be manufactured. Supplies of this improved formulation will be shipped to wholesalers mid-November 2012 and are expected to be in pharmacies across the UK starting mid to late November 2012. The switch to an alcohol free and chloroform free formulation affects all presentations of Physeptone Mixture 1mg/ml and Methadone Mixture DTF 1mg/ml.

  • Alcohol and Chloroform free
  • New labelling to enable quick identification
  • Available in pharmacies across the UK mid to late November 2012

The efficacy of the product is unchanged, the concentration of methadone is unchanged and there will be no differences in product viscosity. There may be some differences in taste and smell for some clients as a result of these changes which also include a change in preservative.  Alcohol and chloroform are two excipients that do not contribute to the effectiveness of this medication or the patients’ well-being and their removal will therefore be beneficial to the patient.  Additionally, the presence of alcohol is not acceptable to certain patient populations and with its removal, means that the product can be used across a much broader patient population.

The alcohol free and chloroform free versions of Physeptone Mixture 1mg/ml and Methadone Mixture DTF 1mg/ml can be identified by amended labelling with the strength of the formulation now printed in black font instead of white.

Richard de Souza, Chief Executive Officer of Martindale Pharma commented,
“We are pleased to have launched this new alcohol and chloroform free formulation.  We are committed to providing the highest quality products to patients and to our customers and the removal of alcohol and chloroform from our Physeptone Mixture 1mg/ml and Methadone Mixture DTF 1mg/ml will not only have a positive impact on patients well–being but also mean this product can address all patient populations.”

For further information on this change or support or prescribing information please contact Martindale Pharma on 0800 0287933 or our Medical Information Team on 01708 382145 or via Alternatively, please download our letter of changes.

Notes to editors:
After starting out as a London chemist store owned by William Martindale, Martindale Pharma has remained in business for more than a century and is now firmly established as a leading supplier to the UK’s NHS and exports its products to a number of other major pharmaceutical markets.

In May 2010 AAC Capital bought Martindale Pharma from Cardinal Health. AAC Capital continues to develop the business and pursue growth opportunities.

Martindale Pharma manufacture the majority of their products at their own facilities in the UK, in total producing and packing c.50 million doses a year in a range of formats including sterile ampoules/vials, oral solutions, pre-filled syringes, suppositories and ophthalmics.

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