Middle East

A strategically important market with an increasing spend on healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Martindale Pharma has been trading in the Middle East for almost 20 years and has established relationships with leading pharmaceutical distributors in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and other key countries in the region. The middle east is a major focus for growth for Martindale Pharma given its increasing spend on healthcare and pharmaceuticals, particularly in the area of hospital medicines.  We see significant opportunities within our portfolio for our Emergency Care medicines such as the Aurum Range, and also our Hospital-initiated Medicines such as Tapclob and Noyada.

Established a dedicated scientific office in Saudi Arabia

To support our efforts in this geography, Martindale Pharma opened a Scientific Office in Saudi Arabia.  Staffed by experts in regulatory scientific affairs, this office is responsible for obtaining natural Saudi Arabian regulatory approvals allowing us to sell Martindale Pharma’s products into both the private and public hospital markets in this country. We are planning in excess of 20 products to be approved in the next three years. The Scientific Office will also be responsible for providing accurate product information to physicians. Martindale Pharma is partnered with El Seif in Saudi Arabia who provide a dedicated sales team for Martindale Pharma products to hospitals across the kingdom. We are seeing significant growth in our products in the area of pain control and cardiac arrest and expect to further grow our business in this country in the near term.

We also have established a sales office in Dubai where we support our long-term partners in key markets like the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Jordan as well as a number of other countries. Sales development in these markets is greatly enhanced by our scientific office in Saudi Arabia and the accompanying Saudi Arabia Marketing Authorisations which in turn facilitate additional regulatory approvals in this region, so-termed Gulf Co-Operation Council or GCC. Martindale Pharma already has dedicated salespeople operating in Kuwait and the UAE and is experiencing strong year on year growth in our Emergency Care product range for these markets.

Future investment and growth potential

Martindale Pharma see this region as a priority for investment and future sales growth.  This will be achieved through increasing product availability in the key markets through local warehousing as well as launching innovative, higher value Hospital-initiated Medicines product launches such as Tapclob and Noyada post-Marketing Authorisation approvals. We will be increasing the numbers of Martindale Pharma sales, marketing and commercialisation support staff in this region to underpin the growth potential we see in this exciting region.

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