Our People

As a potential employee, looking from the outside into any business is always difficult and it is hard to know what working within an organisation on a day to day basis is truly like. If you are considering applying to work somewhere that’s what you truly want to know.

We all see the glossy logos and the meaningful corporate straplines, but to find out what really lies behind takes a real insight which is rarely on offer. To help with this Martindale Pharma decided that there was only one true way to portray what a special place this is to work. Not through the words of the Recruitment or HR department but with the unscripted words of the people who work in the heart of the company every day, making it what it is.

Making lives better is the true essence of Martindale Pharma, and our employees are core to this effort. Have a look at what some of our current employees say about working with us.