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Prenoxad Injection – Change to labelling

Important Information for anyone who has been supplied with or is involved with the supply of Prenoxad Injection for the purposes of Take Home Naloxone

Wholesalers and other direct Purchasing Groups, Community Pharmacists, Healthcare Professionals, Non-medical Practitioners involved in Drugs Treatment Services, Patients, Carers and Community Workers.

Martindale Pharma has made some changes to the labelling of Prenoxad Injection that addresses an historic error in how the product (naloxone hydrochloride) strength has been expressed. This correction involves batches 0084698 and 0083016, totalling approximately 20,000 kits.

The labelling on these batches now shows the strength as 0.91mg/mL rather than 1mg/mL.

The correction to the labelling does not affect how the product is used, or its clinical effectiveness. 

The dosing schedule for Prenoxad Injection remains the same.

For additional information, please click on the relevant link below:

  1. Direct communication to Healthcare Professionals
  2. Direct Communication to Non-medical practitioners involved in drug treatment services, wholesalers and other direct purchasing groups
  3. Direct communication to patients, carers and community workers who have been supplied with Prenoxad Injection

This information does not replace the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), and is being disseminated in agreement with the MHRA.