Critical Care

Pre-filled syringes (PFS)

Our Aurum Range of fully assembled, ready-to-use, pre-filled syringes (PFS), which are packed in high-visibility boxes, are used to provide on-the-spot administration of drugs for resuscitation in emergency conditions. In these circumstances the accessibility of treatments is crucial – as the time taken to administer a drug can make the difference between life and death. The syringes are clearly labelled and graduated for ease of dosing, and their colour-differentiated packaging ensures ease of identification in emergency situations. Tamper-evident seals are in place on all products to provide maximum security.

The Aurum Range of PFS range comprises 10 products for use in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the operating theatre environment. The molecules and doses presented in the Aurum Range have been chosen to meet the published recommendations from guidelines on resuscitation.

In November 2011, we introduced a series of improvements to the Aurum Range, including colour differentiated outer translucent boxes and improved tamper evident seals. In addition the end labels are also colour differentiated with the colour for each drug class selected according to the recommendations from the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The final improvement concerns the syringe tip, previously luer slip, it is now luer lock and is latex free. Additional information can be found by downloading the documents described below.

Download further information on the Aurum Range (HCPs only).

For information on the compatibility of the Aurum Range of pre-filled syringes with intravenous connectors, please see page 7 of the Aurum Range Brochure 2015 (HCPs only).

See below for an instructional video demonstrating the use of Aurum Pre Filled Syringes:

For information on the previous Aurum Range of pre-filled syringes (in single colour (yellow) boxes) and latex, please view our Aurum Range and Latex document (PDF).

Caffeine Solution

We also provide licensed caffeine products for the treatment of Apnoea of Prematurity; Caffeine 5mg/ml Solution for Injection and Caffeine 5mg/ml Oral Solution.

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