The addiction market in the UK broadly comprises treatments for smoking, alcohol and narcotic addiction. At Martindale Pharma, we focus specifically on the treatment of opiate addiction.

For many years we have been the market leader in the manufacture and supply of products for the treatment and management of opiate misuse and addiction. The majority of our addiction products are based on methadone, and specifically Physeptoneâ„¢, now the UK’s most widely used methadone product which is available in a range of presentations developed by ourselves to meet the needs of drug service users and healthcare professionals operating in this area. We also supply methadone in injectable, oral solutions and tablet form.

We have many years of experience in this field, during which time we have worked in close collaboration with the government, leading addiction treatment centres and healthcare professionals working in opiate addiction across the UK. It is this depth of expertise that makes us a market leader and a highly trusted supplier of addiction products.

We are now looking at expanding our addiction business model into new areas internationally, where there is demand for high-quality addiction products.

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