Therapy Areas

We operate in defined business segments where there is a high unmet medical need

Our current product range is focused on Emergency Care, Hospital-initiated Medicines (with innovative products in the areas of motor neurone disease, complex epilepsy, paediatric chronic heart failure), Opioid Addiction, Ophthalmics and Unlicensed Medicines (“Specials”).

Emergency Care: we develop and manufacture a broad range of drugs aimed at accident and emergency and intensive care settings, most of which are first-line, life-saving treatments. The therapy focus of our range is around the cardiovascular system, analgesia (pain), anaesthesia, poisoning and metabolic imbalances. We provide these products in a range of formats including our market-leading Aurum Range of Pre-Filled Syringes used principally for the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest

Hospital-Initiated Medicines:  we market a range of differentiated and innovative products prescribed by hospital based specialists to treat complex epilepsy, motor neurone disease and paediatric chronic heart failure as well as other innovative reformulations of gold standard drugs for steroid-responsive conditions, ADHD and pain.

Opioid Addiction: we have a comprehensive range of medicines to support an individual’s recovery from opioid addiction. Uniquely, our licensed products include formulations of the three standard molecules in this therapy area; methadone, buprenorphine and naloxone. We work alongside drug and alcohol treatment system providers to help people regain control of their lives.

Ophthalmics:  we supply a broad range of generic ophthalmic products to hospitals and retail pharmacies with a focus on established molecules

Unlicensed Medicines: for over 50 years Martindale Pharma has been manufacturing high quality “specials” in a range of formats including oral solutions, tablets, capsules and injections.  We believe we offer a high quality, broad range, and with the launch of the Enhanced Range in April 2016 we have the ability to supply some of the mostly commonly used unlicensed medicines made to an exacting standard, with a Certificate of Analysis, new, improved labelling and at a competitive price.