Hospital-Initiated Medicines

Martindale Pharma develops and markets a number of innovative medicines aimed at serious medical conditions which are managed by hospital-based specialists. These products have been developed in-house and utilise our knowledge and expertise in formulation.

TapclobTapclob (clobazam oral suspension)

The world’s first oral liquid form of clobazam, a well-established drug used principally as an adjunctive therapy for epilepsy. We developed Tapclob to make this vital drug easier to use for both physicians and patients, as an oral liquid product allows accurate dose titration and is easier to be taken by young epilepsy patients and patients who have difficulties with or a dislike of taking tablets. Further details can be found at

NoyadaNoyada (captopril oral solution)

Europe’s first licensed oral liquid solution of captopril aimed at paediatric chronic heart failure in neonates, infants and children between the ages of 0 and 6 years old. Noyada is available in two presentations 5mg/5ml and 25mg/5ml Oral Solution to maximise accuracy and flexibility of dosing. Captopril is a recognised first line drug for this indication and an oral liquid helps compliance with young patients and allows accurate but small dose adjustments to be made easily.

TeglutikTeglutik (riluzole oral suspension)

Teglutik is the world’s first oral liquid version of riluzole, NICE endorsed, and the only drug approved, for the treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS); the most common form of Motor Neurone Disease. Riluzole is a vital part of the options for ALS patients; it has a proven benefit of delaying time to mechanical ventilation for ALS patients. These patients either present with, or in the majority of cases, develop swallowing difficulties limiting their ability to take riluzole. Teglutik, a patented formulation, has been developed as the riluzole treatment to start with and stay with, allowing patients and carers the benefits of riluzole for as long as they want. Find out more at