Unlicensed Medicines

Martindale Pharma started life making unlicensed medicines, today known as “specials”, with William Martindale building a business making individual medicines tailored to his patients needs over 140 years ago.

It is in our genes as a company to have the skills, capabilities and quality systems to be able to make “specials”. Martindale Pharma’s ethos “Making lives better” makes us proud to supply unlicensed medicines to thousands of retail and hospital pharmacies across the UK every year. Specials remain a key part of our business.

We treat the manufacture and supply of unlicensed medicines with the same care and attention as licensed products. A significant number of unlicensed products are made in our facility for licensed products in Romford, Essex, and the balance in a dedicated pharmacy manufacturing unit in Essex.

In April 2016 we launched the “Enhanced Range” which consists of the some of the most commonly requested unlicensed medicines presented in a format which includes:

  • Batch manufacturing
  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved documentation and labelling including a Certificate of Analysis
  • Patient information leaflet on specials
  • Competitive pricing

Please go to www.martindalepharma-specials.com for further information on our unlicensed medicines.