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Strong commercial organisation operating in the hospital, intermediate care and community pharmacy segments of the pharmaceutical market

Our UK business has a comprehensive range of emergency care medicines includes over 120 different prescription medicines on NHS hospital contracts at any one time.  Our drugs can best be described as the oil that makes the hospital engine work. We help hospital-based specialists manage pain, cardiac arrest and drug overdoses. At least one of our products is supplied every day to every hospital and community pharmacy in the UK. We also have a series of differentiated Hospital-initiated Medicines aimed at niche, vulnerable patients whose condition is not optimally controlled by standard dosage forms.

We are recognised as a strategic partner to the NHS in the area of medicines supply and work with the Commercial Medicines Unit to help mitigate challenges caused by shortages of medicines using our UK-based manufacturing facility to supply products when other companies cannot.

We have proven expertise in marketing both generic drugs as well as proprietary specialty drugs to clinical decision makers across the hospital. We generate demand for our innovative products through a team of experienced Key Account Managers who currently promote and educate our product range to neurologists, neonatologists, accident and emergency teams, resuscitation teams, paediatric cardiology as well as clinical and procurement pharmacists. We see our knowledge and skill set and a strong commercial presence for hospital-prescribed medicines to be a major strength for Martindale Pharma as hospitals have evolved over the last five years in the UK to be the key decision point for initiation of high value/innovative products.

Our success in marketing specialty products to hospital-based clinicians and budget holders covers market entry, advocacy, market development and health outcomes. We are actively looking for additional products to add to our Hospital-initiated Medicines and Emergency Care portfolios.

Market leader in the treatment of opioid addiction

We are the market leader in the treatment of opioid addiction producing Physeptone, the UK’s leading methadone product for opioid substitution therapy and also Prenoxad Injection, the world’s first take-home naloxone product for the treatment of opioid overdose by a non-healthcare professional. Used by drug and alcohol teams across the UK these products make a significant positive difference to people affected by opioid addiction. We have a dedicated sales and marketing team who inform, educate and support the appropriate use of these products.

Focus on proven, gold standard, off patent molecules coupled to a very strong in-house manufacturing capability

Martindale Pharma supply generic medicines to community pharmacies across the UK working through structured relationships and partnerships with a number of intermediaries including major retail pharmacy chains, buying groups and wholesalers.

Our range includes both licensed and unlicensed medicines produced to the same set of exacting high standards with a focus on appropriate pricing, clear labelling to minimise potential for dosing errors and high service levels. Details of our unlicensed medicines range can be found at www.martindalepharma-specials.com. Our business with community pharmacy is supported by a team of commercial managers with deep expertise in selling generic products and negotiating and supporting our pharmacy partners.

Based on data from IMS Health Martindale Pharma would rank in the top five independent (i.e. non multinational) pharmaceutical companies in the UK, we are market leaders in several of the segments in which we operate, e.g. pre-filled syringes for cardiac arrest and our dynamic and established UK commercial team is actively looking for additional products to add to our therapy areas to continue our success and growth.

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UK general sales, ordering and customer service

Licensed products

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Unlicensed products

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UK hospital queries regarding licensed products

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General enquiries

For head office directions, please visit our Glory Park page. For media enquiries and all other contact information please visit or contact page.

Manufacturing and distribution

Distribution is managed through our Brentwood facility.
Manufacturing is managed through our Romford facility.
Unlicensed medicines are managed through our Ashton Gate facility.